After the attack on Thai Eyes in mid February, we asked our visitors for their help and support, which has absolutely been denied. Now, it´s time for Thai Eyes to strike back.

As our parasitic behaving vistors maybe figured out already, we locked the download of our pictures and we deleted a few images, more will be deleted soon. There is absolutely no reason for us to entertain heartless people. Visitor-wise Thai Eyes is one of our best performing blogs, but if it comes to support, it is the worst of all of our web projects. Less than 1 % of the visitors are supporting us, which means more than 99 % just come to have their free fun. This behaviours affects us a lot, there is no more money for further productions. Another issue, we are annoyed about, are the braindead and stupid comments, especially on articles about Thai superstar Mario Maurer, as a reaction, we closed the comment forms. Stupid stardom seems to be one of the most important issues in our sick world. Do people not have other problems, than to fall in love with a superstar. Ridiculously brainsick !

Young fighting Thai boy
© Thai Eyes
Image: Young fighting Thai boy
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee
Photo model: Nyng

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