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At the 03.07.2011 elections for a new Thai parliament and so the prime minister (PM) will be held in Thailand. Some journalists call that election a fate election, which we agree. At the moment, if You look at the polls, it looks like, that the youngest sister of the former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Yingluck [more...]
Red Indian Water Lily (Nymphaea rubra)

It needed a while, until we figured out, that the Red Indian Water Lily (Nymphaea rubra) is blooming just at night time. So we had to come back to this wonderful plant several times. One day, at early morning we´ve been lucky and photographer Nat caught this magic moment with his camera. We´ve all been [more...]
Ranad Xylophone Battle Thailand

While we did a bit of research about the well-known Thai Ranad Xylophone Artist Khun In, we´ve been amazed about a funny Ranad Thai Xylophone Battle live on stage. Enjoy 9 Minutes of Thai classical music with a humorous twist. Unfortunatly we don´t know the names of the two Ranad artists, but they did a [more...]
Carry the Burden

The sculpure of a buddhist monk is carrying the burden of the railing of a stairway in the Buddhist Shan (Thai Yai) temple Wat Koo Tao, Chiang Mai, North Thailand. The face of the sculputre looks like its a heavy burden, even if it wasn´t the stairway to heaven. © Thai Eyes Image: Carry the [more...]
Broken Heart Thai Boy in the Rain

Standing in the rain mostly means You´re not on the sunny side of life. The sad Thai song “Poo chai nai sai fon” by Ruj the Star inspired us to this photosession about a broken heart boy in the rain. The broken heart is one of the most used subjects in Thai songs. Thai people [more...]
Lotus (Nelumbo) Seed Head

The Lotus (Nelumbo) isn´t just a beautiful flower, most parts of the Lotus plant, like the seeds are edible. Photographer Nat discovered the Lotus seed heads at a Thai market and couldn´t resist to make a few shots. Just another masterpiece of art in nature ! © Thai Eyes Image: Lotus (Nelumbo) Seed Head Photographer: [more...]
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