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Young fighting Thai boy

After the attack on Thai Eyes in mid February, we asked our visitors for their help and support, which has absolutely been denied. Now, it´s time for Thai Eyes to strike back. As our parasitic behaving vistors maybe figured out already, we locked the download of our pictures and we deleted a few images, more [more...]

open safe, Thailand

At 17.02.2011, the Thai Eyes Thailand team has been fallen victim on a sleeping gas attack. At about 4:30 in the morning a gang of 4 Yaba drug addicts entered our house and checkmated us and our 2 dogs with sleeping gas. While we woke up with bad headache at about 9:00, all our doors [more...]

Cute Young Thai Boy

After a very bad year 2010 for our team, we´re looking forward to 2011 and wish a Happy New Year, Sawasdee Pee Mai 2011 to our visitors, especially the ones, who supported Thai Eyes. A Happy New Year to our families, friends and to all the young Thai boys from North Thailand and the people [more...]


Just a few days ago, our young and cute photographer Chocolate,
told us, that he will leave the Thai Eyes Team.
So we had to say la gone (good bye) to our beloved team member…

Cute Thai boy in disguise

The “Mango War” is a clash between 2 different cultures. While Thai people love to eat unripe, sour mangoes, westerners (Farang) like them sweet and fully ripe. Last year we planted a Nam Dok Mai Mango Tree (Mangifera indica) and this year the small tree was fully packed with flowers and later on with a [more...]

New face, face lift

At the moment we are revamping the Thai Eyes Thailand Lifestyle Blog and very soon You will see Thai Eyes with a new face. There are 3 main reasons for our facelift: 1. Our blog has been hacked by spammers frequently, about once a week. We hope we could close the door for that insane [more...]

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