Burma, Birma, Myanmar

Thai Yai, Shan Boys

Bi (left) and O (right) are two young Thai Yai (Shan) Boys, from far North of Thailand. They are friends for a long time and both of them live in the small city of Wieng Haeng – North Thailand, near the burmese border. Bi and O are born at the territory of Thailand, but there [more...]

Thailand Soccer Boy Joe

Soccer Boy Joe is a young Akha hilltribe kid and he loves to play soccer, like the most kids in Thailand. Life is very difficult for youngster Joe, because he is born on the wrong side of the border, in Burma/Myanmar. As a young kid he came with his parents as refugees to Thailand and [more...]


The Golden Triangle is the name for an area of 350.000 square kilometres, where Thailand be conterminous with Laos and Burma (Myanmar). For centuries the golden triangle was one of Asia´s main illegal opium producing areas. Foto: Sign at the burmese border in Mae Sai – North Thailand 1998 In the Year 1998 we went [more...]


There was no warning from the government about the upcoming cyclone Nargis.
After the desaster there was no reaction and no help from the officials.

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