Law & Order Thailand

Condoms vending machine Thailand

The city administration of Bangkok supervised the removal of condoms vending machines from Bangkok-based schools. The reason for that was the provocation of sexual interests to students, caused by condoms vending machines. The city administration followed complaints from parents, said deputy city clerk Pheeraphong Saichua, just one day before Valentines Day 2011. While we´ve been [more...]
Drugs Warning Sign Malaysia

Even if the abuse of drugs, specially the dirty and dangerous Yaba (amphetamine based) drug, is widespread in Thailand the laws are very strict. The Thai police didn´makea difference between so called soft drugs like marihuana and stronger stuff. The punishment is in the very most cases an imprisonment for a few years and there [more...]

Specialy at the Valentines Day, which is widely celebrated in Thailand, there is not much fun for Thai teenager. Kissing in public is illegal by law for people, which are younger than 21 years and as a survey showed, that many Thai Teenager had their first sexual experience at Valentines Day, there are now special [more...]
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