Nature Thailand

Red Indian Water Lily (Nymphaea rubra)

It needed a while, until we figured out, that the Red Indian Water Lily (Nymphaea rubra) is blooming just at night time. So we had to come back to this wonderful plant several times. One day, at early morning we´ve been lucky and photographer Nat caught this magic moment with his camera. We´ve all been [more...]
Lotus (Nelumbo) Seed Head

The Lotus (Nelumbo) isn´t just a beautiful flower, most parts of the Lotus plant, like the seeds are edible. Photographer Nat discovered the Lotus seed heads at a Thai market and couldn´t resist to make a few shots. Just another masterpiece of art in nature ! © Thai Eyes Image: Lotus (Nelumbo) Seed Head Photographer: [more...]
Scary Monster Insect Thailand

During a morning walk in our tropical garden in Chiang Mai, North Thailand, I discovered that scary monster insect sitting on a branch of one of the trees. The insect looked frightful and I called our Thai photographer Nat to try to get a few macro shots of that monster. The scary monster made no [more...]
Glowing Beauty Red Torch Ginger

We´ve been attracted by that glooming beauty, while we visited a tropical garden, near Chiang Rai, North Thailand. The red torch ginger flower was kissed by the sunlight and looked like it´s on fire. Photographer Nat has frozen this magical flower in his camera and what should I say, Nat, a 20 year young Thai [more...]
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