Religion & Superstition

Lord Ganesh Golden Ganesha Statue Chiang Mai Thailand

Lord Ganesh (Lord Ganesha) is a Hindu god from India. If You think Thailand is a buddhist country, You´re right, but if You think Thai people just believe in the teachings of Lord Buddha, then You´re wrong. The boundaries between Buddhism and Hinduism are fluent. A good example is the Name of His Majesty King [more...]
World's  largest gong, Lamphun, Thailand

We found the world´s largest gong in Wat Haripunchai (Haripunchai temple) in Lamphun, North Thailand. One says, if You beat the big nipple gong with a wooden stick 3 times, You´re wish will come true. It seems like many people believe in that, because we had to wait quite a long time, until we could [more...]
Thai Boy with Anti Mosquito Sak Yant Tattoo

Sak Yant, also called sacred tattoo, magic tattoo, Buddha tattoo or holy tattoo is very popular in Thailand and is mentioned to protect against ghosts, evil and makes invulnerable against knives and gun bullets. As a few days ago our friend, the young Akha Hill Tribe Thai boy Bon came to visit us and showed [more...]
White Elephant Yant Thailand

Because of their great rarity white elephants are holy in Thailand. Thai people believe the mysterious white elephant is a being in an advanced stage on the way to Nirvana. The first historical record of a white elephant in Siam, is dated back to the year 1471 and King Borommatrailokkanant (1448-1488). The King of Siam [more...]
Spiritual Clutter, Holy Waste, Thailand

What to do with spiritual clutter or holy waste, as old spirit houses, chinese home temples or broken sacred figurines ? You can´t dispose it of with Your household garbage. In Thailand “spiritual garbage” have to be disposed of at a temple, a sacred tree, like a Bodhi tree or at a chedi. © Thai [more...]
Sak Yant, Buddha Tattoo, sacred Tattoo,

Thai Eyes wants to recommend a Chiang Mai Service for Sak Yant (Buddha Tattoo). Sak Yant, the sacred Tattoo, is an old tradition from Siam, nowadays Thailand. Sak means Tattoo and Yant is a magical, sacred design. Centuries ago, this tradition started by drawings of that magical designs on soldiers uniforms. The Yants should give [more...]
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