Thai for Beginners

Snake Head Thailand

Snake head (Thai: Hua Ngoo), sometimes also old snake head, is a cuss word, which was quite popular in the 90th of the last century. This cuss word and also the hand gesture, which You can see on the picture was custom-made for “bad behaving” foreigners (farangs). A real old snake head is somebody, complaining [more...]
Thai boy, always cute and lovely

Just a few days ago one of our beloved Hill Tribe boys came back to Chiang Mai from his Akha village near Mae Ai in far north of Thailand. Boy is one of the most faithful boys we ever met and we´ve been very amused about the t-shirt he was wearing. It needed a bit [more...]
7 Days 7 Colors

Thailand is not just a colourful country with colourful people, there are quite a few things, which are very different to western countries. In Thailand all the 7 days a week have a special color and people like to dress in the color of the day. This subject inspired our team to a photo shooting [more...]
Lahu Hill Tribe Thai Boy

What day is today ? That simple question mostly causes big confusion in Thailand. In Thai: Wan Nee Wan Arai ?, what day is today is the start of a crossfire. Most people in Thailand have to work everyday, no rest, no Saturday or Sunday, so it´s not that important to know, what day is [more...]
I want, Yak Dai

You will have to face the Thai words, Yak Dai, means I want, multiple times a day, especially if You have a Thai girlfriend or boyfriend. Yak Dai, Mue Thue – I want a mobile phone Yak Dai, Rod Keng – I want a car (motorcycles are low class) Yak Dai, Suea Nee – I [more...]
Thai Food to Take Away

Especially in bigger cities, where many people life in small rooms without a kitchen, Thai people order their food to take away. Food is mostly availabe to take away in restaurants and the small street kitchens. Just tell them “Sai Thung”, means put it in a plastic bag or “Sai Gong”, put it in a [more...]
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