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MThai Internet Magazine Thailand

MThai is a popular internet lifestyle magazine from Thailand. The MThai internet magazine provides lots of information about stars and star gossip, sport, fashion, cooking, events, music, as well as important news, politics and much, much more. MThai is published in Thai language. Link: MThai Internet Magazine Thailand Screenshot: MThai Internet Magazine Thailand
Internet Cafe Thailand

In the last years internet cafes has been springing up like mushrooms in Thailand and the internet became very popular, especially with young Thai people. Some young Thai boys and girls spent their whole day and even the night in internet cafes, but not, as You´ll maybe mention, to extend their knowledge, they come to [more...]

There seems nothing more important during the evening hours in Thailand, than to watch Thai soap operas (Thai Lakorn) in Thai TV. For more information and for lot of gossip about the vast number of stars and starlets, there is an online magazine, called Gossip Star. As specially young Thai people, don´t know what day [more...]
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