Thai Food

The Thai Cuisine became famous all around the globe in the last decades. In opposition to the cuisines of India, Thai food is mostly made from fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. As many people think Thai food is always devilish hot, there is a wide selection of not hot noodle and rice dishes around. Most well-known are the hot & spicy Thai curries, the hot & sour shrimp or prawn soup Tom Yum Goong, the delicious coconutmilk soup Tom Kha Gai and the Thai salads Yum. Commonly the cuisine of Thailand is divided in 4 different regions: the cuisine of North Thailand, well-known for its spicy Nam Prik, chili pastes, the cuisine of North East Thailand (Isaan), the cuisine of Central Thailand and the devilish hot cuisine of South Thailand. Key ingredients are lemongras, kaffir lime leaves, limes, galingale, ginger, coconut milk and to replace salt, fishsauce.

Lotus (Nelumbo) Seed Head

The Lotus (Nelumbo) isn´t just a beautiful flower, most parts of the Lotus plant, like the seeds are edible. Photographer Nat discovered the Lotus seed heads at a Thai market and couldn´t resist to make a few shots. Just another masterpiece of art in nature ! © Thai Eyes Image: Lotus (Nelumbo) Seed Head Photographer: [more...]
Colorful Khanom Thai Pancake

These colorful Khanom Thai pancakes are called Khanom Bueang, means stooping Thai sweeties. The crispy Thai pancakes are very popular in Thailand and best eaten fresh and warm, because they loose their crispiness after a while. The crispy pancakes are filled with a sticky coconut cream and topped with Foy Tong (yellow), a sweet Thai [more...]
Insect Eater Thai Boy Jonny

Many Thai people and also the young, cute Thai Akha Hill Tribe boy Jonny are insect eaters. We met a lot of people in Thailand, who are really crazy for fried insects. It was a nice and sunny day and we decided to go to the Huay Tung Tao Lake, near Chiang Mai, North Thailand [more...]
Thai Appetizer Hors d'œuvre Muang

The so called Hors d’œuvre Muang is a selection of Thai appetizers from North Thailand. The region of Chiang Mai is well known in the whole country for its mouthwatering delicacies and if friends or relatives from other parts of Thailand come to visit us, the last thing what they do, before travelling home, is [more...]
Thai Jelly Dessert Ducklings

As we stumbled upon this funny Thai jelly dessert, we´ve been inevitably reminded on the old children´s song: all my little ducklings, swimming in the lake, heads dunk in the water, as little tails do shake. The lake of this dessert is made from jelly, the ducklings are made of Foi Thong, a very sweet [more...]
Salted Crab Boo Kem Thailand

Salted Crab, in Thailand called Boo Kem, is a main ingredient in the famous Thai papaya salad Som Tam. The freshwater crabs have a size of about 7 cm and are found in great numbers in ricefields and wetlands during the rainy season. This small crabs don´t have a lot of meat, so they are [more...]
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