Thailand Hilltribes

Akha Tribe Boy in a well

Young Akha Hill Tribe Thai boy Jonny is a funny and crazy kid and never misses a trick. While his friends been waiting on him, he was hidding himself in a well. As our photographer discovered him, he took his chance for a snapshot. © Thai Eyes Image: Akha Tribe Boy in a well Photographer: [more...]
Insect Eater Thai Boy Jonny

Many Thai people and also the young, cute Thai Akha Hill Tribe boy Jonny are insect eaters. We met a lot of people in Thailand, who are really crazy for fried insects. It was a nice and sunny day and we decided to go to the Huay Tung Tao Lake, near Chiang Mai, North Thailand [more...]
Green Fanta Thai Boy

As we published our crazy red Fanta Thai boys yesterday, we got remembered that we planed a green Fanta Thai boy as well. Fortunatly our Lisu Hilltribe friend, Thai boy M came to visit us in our office yesterday and agreed to drink that green stuff. Also the green, chemicaly tasting fruit mixture is a [more...]
Lovely Chinese Eyes

M is a young, cute Thai Lisu Hill Tribe boy with lovely Chinese eyes. He lives in far North Thailand, in the Chiang Rai province (Changwat Chiang Rai). The Lisu tribe is native to Tibet and China and over the centuries, they went South. In North Thailand, the Lisu tribe is the biggest and most [more...]
Thai boy, always cute and lovely

Just a few days ago one of our beloved Hill Tribe boys came back to Chiang Mai from his Akha village near Mae Ai in far north of Thailand. Boy is one of the most faithful boys we ever met and we´ve been very amused about the t-shirt he was wearing. It needed a bit [more...]
Ancient Thai Smile

In ancient times it was a ideal of beauty to have red teeth. Coloured by the use of a betel nut mixture. Nowadays elder people, especialy hill tribe people , like the old Lisu man on our photo, still like to chew the betel nut mixture. What could we say, this smile was coming from [more...]
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