election posters, thailand

At the 03.07.2011 elections for a new Thai parliament and so the prime minister (PM) will be held in Thailand. Some journalists call that election a fate election, which we agree. At the moment, if You look at the polls, it looks like, that the youngest sister of the former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Yingluck [more...]
Broken Heart Thai Boy in the Rain

Standing in the rain mostly means You´re not on the sunny side of life. The sad Thai song “Poo chai nai sai fon” by Ruj the Star inspired us to this photosession about a broken heart boy in the rain. The broken heart is one of the most used subjects in Thai songs. Thai people [more...]
Still Life with Bamboo Ladder

At was late afternoon, while we reached the mountain village Mae Salong (Santikhiri) in North Thailand at an altitude of more than 1800 meters. The construction workers finished there work already and there was just a guard left, sleeping at the bottom of a bamboo ladder. We thought, what an impressive still life and photographer [more...]
Tattooed Thai Boy Saggers

Since boxershorts became very popular in Thailand, most of the Thai boys are saggers and most of the Thai boys are tattooed as well. Most of the tattoos are done in a very bad quality by their friends and aren´t beautiful. Often they look just like scratchwork. The boy on the left side, name Boy, [more...]
Jumping Thai Boy

Photography of jumping Thai boys was the task for our 2 young photographers, while went to a relaxing afternoon at Huay Tung Tao lake, near Chiang Mai, North Thailand. Relaxing afternoon ? Not for the photographers. The jumps, which the boys did are looking quite dangerous, but they are all trained Hip Hop and Rap [more...]
Akha Tribe Boy in a well

Young Akha Hill Tribe Thai boy Jonny is a funny and crazy kid and never misses a trick. While his friends been waiting on him, he was hidding himself in a well. As our photographer discovered him, he took his chance for a snapshot. © Thai Eyes Image: Akha Tribe Boy in a well Photographer: [more...]
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