Carabao 30 Years Thailand

Carabao, the Thai cult Pya Chewit Band will celebrate their 30 anniversary with a 200 Mio. Thai Baht mega project. Start for te festivities will be the Carabao 30 Velodrome returns Concert at 19.03.2011 in Bangkok. The concert will be some kind of a follow-up to the Carabao concert in 1985, which has been abandoned [more...]

The late 90´s of the last century has been a lot of fun in Thailand, especially with all the Thai Teenager Boy groups, like Giant, JR Voy, Joni & Louis Raptor and for sure the cute, young singer & actor Anan Anwar. There are no records to find, what time Giant has been founded, …
Katoey, Ladyboy Protest

A few days ago we stumbled upon a funny Thai Look Tung song, called Katoey Pratuang, which means Ladyboy protest. The song is performed by Poifai Malaiporn from Northeast Thailand (Isaan), who became more and more famous in the last years for his often funny Look Tung and Morlum songs . Musicvideo: Poifai Malaiporn – [more...]
18 Fon Bullet Teen

The Thai oldie 18 fon is something like a hymn in Thailand. A hymn for friendshift, for standing together, for fighting together to reach a goal. Nearly everbody in Thailand know the words of this oldie or better evergreen and while 18 fon is played, everbody starts to sing. 18 fon has been composed by [more...]
Thaitanium Tom Yum Samuraiz Thailand

Hidden behind the funny name Tom Yum Samuraiz is for sure the well known Thai Hip Hop/Rap band Thaitanium. There is not much information about this project around, all we could figure out is, that the following artists are involved: Yuichiro, Eva Blazin, Rastafa Thaitanium The song Tom Yum Samuraiz is a wild mixture from [more...]
Bodyslam, Thai Rockband

Thai rockbands, like Bodyslam seems not to have any fears of contacts with traditional Thai Look Tung and Morlum music from Northeast Thailand (Isaan). There´s already a heavy list of rockbands inserting Look Tung or Morlum elements in their songs. One of the most famous Thai rockbands Bodyslam is undertaking this experiment with one of [more...]
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