Arb nam is the Thai word for take a shower or take a bath. Thai people are very neat and clean people and enjoy to take a cooling and refreshing shower several times a day. As Thailand is a tropical country with a mostly hot to very hot climate, personal body hygiene is big affair and Thai people hate any kind of body odour.

Have You done Your homework from one of our lessons
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So it´s easy for You to answer the question:
Where do You go to “Arb nam” ?
Yes ! Bingo !
To the Hong nam !

young Thai boy take a shower, Thailand

© Thai Eyes
Image: Young Thai boy take a shower
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee
Photo model: Arthit

How to take a traditional Thai style shower:
Young Thai Boy Takes A Shower Thailand Style

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  1. VCP University Desgree says:

    So true. Always perfectly groomed, clean and neat. Sweating is completely against their nature!

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