Thailand´s food, especially Thai sweets (Kanom Thai)
and Thai desserts can be very colourful,
but also noddles are sometimes coloured in shrill green,
like the Mie Yok (Jade Mie Noodles).
Mie noodles (mee noodles), also called Bami noodles ore chinese egg noodles
are noodles which are not made from rice flour or mung bean starch.
Mostly mee noodles are egg noodles,
but there are also some varieties around without egg .
The green Jade noodles are used in Thailand for stir-fried noodle dishes,
for soups, for sukiyaki and moo kata (Korean BBQ).

Picture: Colourful Thai mee noodles (Mee Yok – jade noodles)

Even more colourful are Thai sweets or Thai desserts
in Thai called Kanom Thai.
On the picture beyond You see Khanom Chan,
a sweet Thai snack or dessert, available in many colours.
Chan means layers and Kanom Chan is made with different layers,
the main ingredients are coconut milk, sugar, water, different flours
and artificial or natural food colouring.

Picture: Colourful Kanom Thai, Khanom Chan, a Thai snack or dessert.

3 Responses to “Colourful Food of Thailand Jade Noodles Kanom Thai”

  1. marcel says:

    Isst man das echt?
    F??r mich ist zu exotisch.
    Ehrlich gesagt habe ich nichts aus Thailand gegessen.


  2. Corina says:

    Aber das k??nnte auch sehr lecker sein! Weisst du das? Man muss zuerst probieren, nicht wahr? :)

  3. [...] sea of flowers or the floral sea. The sweet flowers are made from coconut milk and they are called kanom chan, which means a sweetie with different layers. Kanom or Kanom Thai is the generic term of sweeties [...]

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