Charlie Nak Trairat is one of the most famous and successful Thai Teenage Boy actors.

Charlie Nak Trairat

Born in Thailand at 19.01.1993,
he got his first role in a movie “Once upon a time this morning” in 1994.
Unforgotten was his role in the Thai blockbuster movie “Fan Chan” in 2003
and his leading role in “Dek Hor/Dorme” in 2006.

Charlie Nak Trairat
Scene from the Thai Movie “Dek Hor/Dorme”, starring Charlie Nak Trairat

Now Charlie Nak Trairat is back with the new Thai Blockbuster “Hormones/Pid term yai Hua jai Wa woon”.
The Thai teenage romantic comedy, directed by Songyos Sukmaganan (Dek Hor),
started in Thailands cinemas at 20.03.2008.

hormones thai movie

On the opening weekend Hormones took 1.2 Million $,
much more then ever expected.
The Song “Young Noi” OST from the movie, performed by the Thairock Band Big Ass
is on top of the Thailand Top Ten Charts since several weeks.

Charlie Nak Trairat

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