Since boxershorts became very popular in Thailand, most of the Thai boys are saggers
and most of the Thai boys are tattooed as well.
Most of the tattoos are done in a very bad quality by their friends and aren´t beautiful. Often they look just like scratchwork. The boy on the left side, name Boy, got a tattoo of his name on the breast, we asked him, what´s the meaning of that weird letter in front of BOY, mai roo (don´t know), he answered. The boy on the right side, name Toh, has a tattoo on his arm, the letters DAENG. We asked him, who is Daeng (a popular nickname in Thailand) and he said, it´s me, but I changed my nickname to Toh. What should we say ? Thailand is just so same, same, but different !

Tattooed Thai Boy Saggers

© Thai Eyes
Image: Tattooed Thai Sagger Boys
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee
Photo models: left: Boy
(half Akha Hilltribe, half Chinese),
right: Toh (Lahu Hilltribe)

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  1. JW says:

    The guy on the right (with the blue jeans) is hot.

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