Many people are thinking, that hilltribes in Thailand always wear colourful costumes.
But wrong !
Just have a look at this young and handsome Thai hilltribe sagger boy.
Nai is a young Lisu hilltribe boy from far north of Thailand,
from a small Lisu village near Pai – Changwat Mae Hong Son.
Nai is living with his mother and they grow vegetables.
For a young kid, life in a small rural village is quite boring
and so he uses his free time to travel to Chiang Mai to visit his friends.

Sagging, means wearing trousers below the waist, so one can see the underwear.
Nai is speaking just broken Thai, because the Lisu hilltribes have their own language,
but the language of fashion seems to be international.
Most of the young Thai boys like to wear boxershorts and they like sagging.
The sagger fashion is well-liked in Thailand, nowadays.

Picture: Thai sagger boy Nai is posing for the camera

More pics from sagger boy Nai
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  1. TNI says:

    Love thai guys, they’re so Hot/cute | thanks for sharing.

  2. sagger says:

    That’s so hot!!!

  3. Thai Sagger Boy Sagging Thailand Fashion | Thailand Art Photography says:

    [...] More Thai Boy Sagger @ Thai Hilltribe Sagger Boy [...]

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