After a few weeks, at the end of April 2008,
with hard photographic works in North Thailand,
where we had to face temperatures near 50° Celsius,
we invited our Thai-Eyes Chiang Mai Road Crew
and their friends for a trip to Huay Tung Tao (Chiang Mai Lake).

Picture: Huay Ting Tao (Chiang Mai Lake) with Thai huts

Huay Ting Tao is a recreation spot with a lake,
a few kilometres outside Chiang Mai City.
First the boys occupied one of the Thai huts,
where You can order food and drinks.

Picture: “Huay Ting Tao” Thai huts

Even this day was very hot and the young Thai boys
went into the lake for a refreshing bath and had some fun together.

Picture: Young Thai Boys bathing in Chiang Mai Lake

here is our photo serial with the Thai boys:
Click on the pic to make it big.


Stay on board, here is part 2 !

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