Bi (left) and O (right) are two young Thai Yai (Shan) Boys,
from far North of Thailand. They are friends for a long time and both of them live in the small city of Wieng Haeng – North Thailand, near the burmese border. Bi and O are born at the territory of Thailand, but there parents are Thai Yai (Shan) refugees from Burma/Myanmar.
Can You believe that the two boys do not get a proper Thai ID card ???
They just get a special, pink coloured ID card, which allows them to go to Chiang Mai,
but they are not allowed to leave the Chiang Mai province. They have to renew this “Hill Tribe ID card” several times a year,
which costs them a lot of money.

Thai Yai, Shan Boys

The Photos has been made about 3 years ago, a few weeks ago we met Bi and O in Chiang Mai
and asked them,
if they got a proper Thai ID card yet.
No, was the answer, but soon….
This is the same was they told us 3 years before.
Hopefully the next time we´ll meet the two Thai Yai (Shan) boys,
there will be some improvement.

A few more pics from the young Thai Yai (Shan) boys Bi and O
Click on the pic to make it big:

Young Thai Yai Boys from North of ThailandYoung Thai Yai Boy from North of ThailandYoung Thai Yai Boy from North of Thailand

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