Carabao, the Thai cult Pya Chewit Band will celebrate their 30 anniversary with a 200 Mio. Thai Baht mega project. Start for te festivities will be the Carabao 30 Velodrome returns Concert at 19.03.2011 in Bangkok. The concert will be some kind of a follow-up to the Carabao concert in 1985, which has been abandoned caused by violent riots. The Carabao 30th anniversary mega project is subdivided in 4 parts:
The Carabao Velodrome returns Concert, followed by the Carabao 30 years OPOC tour (One Province One Concert), Carabao will perform concerts in all 77 changwat (provinces) of Thailand. The next part of the festivities will be the Carabao Worldtour 2011. The 30th band anniversary will be accompanied by the Carabao Expo in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok. More information is provided in Thai language at:

Carabao 30 Years Thailand

Song: Carabao – Hua Jai Carabao 30 Years

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Carabao CDs

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3 Responses to “Carabao 30 Years Mega Project Thailand”

  1. Mex says:

    There thousands of Cambodian People know him by Carabao Energy Drink :D

  2. dorcas ohenewaah says:

    i want to come to thai and celebrate with carabao.i can wait for that i love their project and what they do i love you all the carabao neggas

  3. rober says:

    i like carabao. . let’s celebrate soon

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